Get Our Custom Email Campaigns That Actually Sell Especially If You're A Terrible Copywriter

  • Do you know what gets people excited to click on your link?
  • Do you know how to get in your subscribers INBOX?
  • Do you know to get people INTERACT and ENGAGED to allow you to get better OPEN RATES?

In the though of writing email copy makes you cringe, you'are in the right place.

Chances are that if you are not a sales copy writer, you aren’t getting good results from emailing your subscribers, would you agree?

…And if you are good at writing, sometimes your time is better spent on working on your traffic instead of taking the time to write email message…

What ever your reasons are for being on this page right now, we can save your time and effort by providing you with wmail swipes that will get you OPENS and CLICKS

In the thought of writing email copy makes you cringe, you're in the right place

Have you ever sat down to create some content and found yourself staring at a white screen with a blinking curses 30 minutes later?

…and even the words do come, you know they could be a lot better.

It can be overhelming.

Have you ever split-tested swipes?

If so, you know how long it can take before seeing results.

Let’s not forget all the money you are spending on traffic to test everything…

Procrastination Got The Best of You?

The worse thing you can do to you business is push back your daily chores to “Tomorrow”…

But I understand that many people reading this have a full-time job and don’t always have time to write swipes each day…

And this is why many end-up falling…

Because you need to be CONSTANT in your work to PROGRESS as a marketer…

It’s like any other business after-all…

But there are solutions as you will soon discover…

Writing Swipes is An Art of It's Own

Depending what your AIM is for the email you want to send-out, there are various ways to structure your message, to get ENGAGEMENT or CLICKS…

in both cases, these emails aren’t written the same way…


These swipes should always be educational and designed to get your subscribers to INTERACT with you allowing them to “Whitelist” you… these email most often are medium-long sized messages…

Writing to get: MORE CLICKS

This swipes should always be short and to the point, designed to get people to OPEN and CLICK your offers and links.. In these swipes, we don’t educate, we focus on getting “the click”… and this is what generates SALES…

Knowledge is POWER

  • How will you get people excited to click on your links?
  • What will you do to write sales copy EVERY DAY that CONVERTS?
  • How will you get people to ENGAGE to allow you to get better OPEN RATES?
  • How will you avoid landing in your subscribers SPAM box?

Real Proof from Satisfied Customer

Who Benefits from Our Copy/Paste Swipes?

CPA Marketer
Email Marketer
Product Creator
Affiliate Marketer
Solo Ads Seller
Funnel Click Seller
Click Banker
And Much More...

If You Were to Hire A Sales Copywriter

If you were hire sales copy writer today to write 125 email swipes of this high quality, you would pay a MINIMUM of $10.00 per swipe and you know i’m not even exaggerating…

Needless to tell you that the most people don’t have the budget to pay $1,250 per 125 swipes…

And this is why we’re offering you this amazing swipe pack today…

You have all the types of swipes you need to build a complete online business either as an affiliate or a product creator. This reaches everyone, including you!

And today, you get our personal swipes for a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the real price…

You Never Have to Write Swipes Ever Again!

Many marketers keep re-using their swipes when they know they convert.And to make them look a bit different, you can tweak them as times goes by…
A good trick for that is to just switch the headlines!

This means you can re-hash your top converting swipes over and over, to take in those fat commissions you want, over and over…

We Have to Limit the Number of Copies

Because these swipes are actually our own, for this funnels that we’ve just started and currently using. I don’t want too many people using them.

With that said, we are only releasing this special offer to the first 100 clients who grab it today…
Once we reach our quota, this special price will self-destruct and you will need to pay at least $97 to get it.
So, ACT NOW if you want the best value, for the lowest price by clicking below!

See you inside member area
Edison Ardnold.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you know it will work for me?

Because our swipes are EVERGREEN and we are using them ourselves and getting results like clockwork.

How many swipes are in the package?

A total of 125 e-mail swipes made to get “open, clicks, sales” that you can use to make money types of offers and much more.

How do I get instant access?

After successfully payment, you will received email to customer page and start download the amazing done for you swipes pack.

How do I contact support with any issue/concern?

After successfully payment, you will received email to customer page and start download the amazing done for you swipes pack.

How long will it take for me to see results?

As soon as you start using them. It will work through your EXISTING list and also when you send fresh traffic to your list, you will see the results INSTANTLY. If your email follow-ups are good of coarse. Unfortunately, i don’t have any control on what you send your audience.

What is your refund policy?

REFUND PROCESS : send your query to, DO NOT dispute via paypal, all refund is processing by JVzoo.

DUPLICATE PURCHASE : In the event of a billing error or duplicate billing, will investigate the matter and issue a full refund if deemed necessary.

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